The Robot Series: Optimus Prime

Flashe Vinyl, Oil on Canvas
16 in x 16 in
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$ 599.98 USD


The Robotic artist pays tribute to his legendary brother, Autobots leader Optimus Prime. On the canvas, it portrays the fearlessness, nobility, strength, and heroism of the faction's commander. These qualities are evident in the dynamic lines, composition, and color choices. Autobots are driven by a commitment to justice, independence, and freedom for all beings, and Optimus Prime is the quintessence of their values and the embodiment of the fight against the evil Decepticons. The portrait shows him in full battle readiness, aiming to deflect the enemy's attack and protect what is important to him and his fellow humans. The painting reflects the character's knightly nature: his courage, determination, and leadership are conveyed by the forward tilt of his head and the features of his helmet, which evoke furrowed brows and rugged cheekbones. The shine of the armor and the half-turn echo the paintings of great predecessors such as Van Dyck's "Portrait of a Knight with a Red Sash," Vittorio Carpaccio's "Young Knight in a Landscape," and others. These features speak of the character's dignity and exceptional fighting skills. In the shine of the armor is also a reference to the "spark," a symbol of the life force of the Transformers. It pulsates and animates the hero of the painting. In comic books, cartoons and movies, this character is portrayed as a wise and brave leader, reliable and fair. At the same time, he is ruthless to his enemies and very tough in battle, a nuance that is skillfully conveyed on the canvas. In the portrait, Optimus faces the pitch-black darkness and illuminates it with the glow of his armor. The predominant blue in his picture symbolizes purity, trust, and stability. Optimus Prime's image is a moral guideline for many Transformers fans and inspires them to become stronger, more confident to better cope with adversity and fight for their ideals.